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Private Lesson: Cake (up to 2 people)

Cake 101: Basic- leveling, filling, dirty icing, final coats, straight edging and smoothing. Using a 1M tip to achieve multiple boarders.  $155/person (allow 2.5 hours)


Cake 102: Basic class (fast mode), add on more tips to use for border work and specific designs using different cake combs, learning about textures, how to carve cakes down, and how to use different fillings.  $185/person


Cake 103: Basic class (fast mode), fondant basics:  covering of cake using paneling method, how to use and manipulate to sculpt and create texture,  troubleshooting tips for fondant use. $210/person


Cake 104: (Must have taken cake 101 or group cake class before signing up) This class goes through the fundamental techniques on how to properly assemble a tiered cake. Fresh florals will be used in design structure. $265 for buttercream, $345 for fondant. (allow 4 hours) per person

Inquire by email to set up a date


Private Group Workshops

Group workshops can be done in small groups (8-10 participants) or large groups (11-20 participants). Workshops can be held in a private residence or small groups can be held in the Sprinkled Confections kitchen.  

Workshop levels:

Cake: 101, 102, or specific theme/technique

Cookie: 101, 102, or specific theme/technique

Cupcake: sculpted fondant disc toppers

Pricing per guest: 101 and 102 clases $70+

                              Themed classes $85+

                              Sculpted Toppers $85+

Inquire by email to set up a date


-- Workshops --

Private Lesson: Cookies (up to 3 people)

Cookies 101: Basics of filling bags and choosing correct tips, coloring icing, outlining, flooding, wet on wet technique, and adding details. 1 dozen cookies.  $120 per participant

Cookies 102: (must have taken 101 class) Understanding design and theme, going over details and how to plan, execute with supplies, and apply layers to achieve specific design. A variety of mediums will be used for decorating. 1 dozen cookies. $150 per participant

Watercolor: How to cover cookies in fondant, then apply watercolor painting techniques to achieve design. Focusing on florals. 1 dozen cookies. $125 per participant


Other Services

Children's Birthday Party:  cupcake or cookie decorating, each child will have 6 to decorate.  (5years +) $20 per child. This will be basic instruction, all the materials and cleanup. Minimum of 8 participants.

Party Kits to Go: inquire for custom order. This can be done with cookies or cupcakes undecorated and includes sprinkles and buttercream frosting bags.

Hen Party: This can be done with 6 cupcakes with fondant toppers or 8 cookies. These will be catered to the X rated nature of a Bachelorette party. Allow 2 hours. Inquire about pricing.

Public Workshops: These are open to everyone all age ranges. These are typically posted on my Facebook events page or you can check the SHOP feature for more information if one is available. 

If you want Sprinkled Confections to teach on location, please inquire about traveling to location. Free travel for 30miles or less. 

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