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Cake Pops   $27+/dozen 

(flavors include: vanilla, chocolate, mint, peanut butter, lemon, almond, red velvet​)


Cake Balls $27+/dozen

(flavors include: vanilla, chocolate, mint, peanut butter, lemon, rainbow sprinkle, almond, red velvet​)

Dipped Oreos $20/dozen

Half Dip $10/dozen

(Available in golden or chocolate)

Sprinkled White Chocolate Shards $20+/batch

French Macaron $2.00/cookie

Macaron Tower Available

Gourmet Edible Floral Lollipop $5.00/sucker

(all will be individually wrapped)

lemon, fruit punch, strawberry, cotton candy, grape



Marshmallow Large dipped pop  

Rice Krispie Treats

$25 (quarter sheet)

$50 (half sheet)

available in bite size or large squares

(add on: white chocolate ganache full layer $8)


$39 (quarter sheet)

$78 (half sheet)

(available in bite size or large squares)

Salted Caramels $70/pan

(around 70 pieces)

Orange Vanilla Iced Donuts $27/dozen 

Meringue  $30/batch

kisses, sultanes, swirls, custom colors

**Sprinkled Confections is not a certified gluten or dairy free bakery, so cross contamination is always a possibility. Please take note of the severity of your personal allergy before ordering.**


Bars ($65-$85)

Strawberry Lemon Blondies 

Icing Sugar Fudge Brownies

Millionaire Twix Shortbread

Soft Gingerbread Cookie

Lemon Shortbread Crumb

Dutch Apple Pie Bar


Fudge (45 squares) $50


Cotton Candy

Sprinkle Cake Batter

Key Lime

Candy Cane

Peanut Butter Marshmallow

German Chocolate

Cookies and Cream

Cheesecake Bar

Quarter Sheet $48

Half Sheet $96

white chocolate raspberry, chocolate peanut butter, triple chocolate, cookies and cream, NY style, strawberry rhubarb swirl, strawberry, lemon curd

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