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Classic Flavors

Wedding White (Almond)

Red Velvet (Vanilla or Cream Cheese)


Chocolate Fudge Vanilla

Chocolate Fudge Cocoa

Rainbow Sprinkle


Buttery Yellow (Cocoa or Vanilla)


Serving Size Estimates

6" round10 to15     $45+  

8" round 22 to 28   $65+

10" round 30 to 38     $80+

9x13" rectangle --18 to 24     $50+

11x15" rectangle --- 30 to 42   $75+

Half sheet- 54 servings.  $108+

Tiered Cakes

4"/6" tiered serves 22 $ 60+

6”/8” tiered serves 40 $110+

6”/10” tiered serves 52 $143+

5”/7”/9”  9-15-28 serves 52  $143+

8”/10” serves 68 $187+

6”/8”/10” serves 80 $220+


Creme De Menthe

Coconut Raspberry

Cotton Candy

Blonde Salted Caramel

Chocolate Salted Caramel


Peanut Butter Cup

Pumpkin Spice

Lemon Blueberry

Pink Champagne

Sugar Cookie Dough


German Chocolate

White Chocolate Raspberry

Lemon Raspberry

Chocolate Lovers

Strawberry Creme

Carrot Cake

Black Forest

Peanut Butter Marshmallow

Monster Cookie Dough

Salted Caramel Macchiato



Allergy Friendly

Please inquire about the flavor you

would like made with dietary restrictions

or intolerances specific to your needs

**Sprinkled Confections is NOT a certified

gluten or dairy free bakery, so cross

contamination is always a possibility.

Please take note of the

severity of your personal allergy

before ordering.**

Cookie Cake

8" round  (serves 4-6) $25

10" round  (serves 6-10)$30

12" round  (8-14) $35

9x13" rectangle (serves 12-16) $30

Half sheet rectangle (24-32) $55

Price is writing, border, and basic design

+$5 for full buttercream top

Add ons available for extra price: candy, chocolates, pretzels, macarons, etc. 

Naked Mini Cakes

Choose from signature and premium flavors listed above. Cakes include small fresh flower, foil leafing,

sprinkles on each served on a

4" charger.

Minimum order of 1 dozen required


$5.25 per cake

Smash Cake Options

Choose from any of the flavors

listed above.

Options are:

6" round cake (serves 10-12) $45+


Jumbo (bakery muffin size) cupcake FREE with purchase of additional items.

**Pictured is a matching 6" round smash cake and 10" round guest cake

Painted Floral Cake

Choose from the following flavors:

vanilla, chocolate fudge, yellow, red velvet, rainbow sprinkle, wedding white, lemon, marble, coconut,

pink champagne, carrot cake

Single layer cake 

10" round (serves 18) $72

12" round (serves 24) $96

10" square (serves 25) $100

12" square (serves 36) $144


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