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Frequently Asked Questions

What is all provided with the rental fee?

The rental fee includes the use of upper loft, front sitting area, patio (excluding the commercial kitchen, unless discussed otherwise), loft kitchenette access, freezer/refrigerator, trash, and cleanup supplies. Seating is provided for 30, extra folding tables/chairs are available for rent to accommodate an extra 20-30. Table cloths are not provided.

How much seating is available and what is the max occupancy?

Seating in the loft area has (3) 10 foot tables with 10 chairs at each, allowing seating for up to 30 guests. Folding tables and chairs are available for an additional rental costs, allowing for 20 more seats. Downstairs there is seating for another 10 and if the patio is available during nice weather that can accomodate 20 more. Typically we say max occupancy is around 60.

Are plates, serveware, cups, etc… included in the rental?

These items are not provided in the rental pricing.

Can we get in early to decorate and setup?

We are gracious enough to allow 1 hour free of charge before your rental start time to prepare and decorate for your event. Make sure to plan accordingly for time allotted for your party. You do not want to be rushed during the clean up process and anticipate for guests to mingle. Your time ends at rental end time and you must be out of the door with it locked before that time. The keypad sends notifications when it gets locked and unlocked to Amy’s phone. If you go over your time or cleanup checklist is not up to par, you will be contacted and charged $100 for the following hour.

What do you ask of us as renters? Are we required to do anything?

We always ask that you be respectful of the property you are renting. Additionally we ask that guests stay out of the closed office and kitchen doors. You are also required to clean up after your party (ie: sweeping if necessary, cleaning up all trash and drinks, taking out the garbage to the dumpster or taking it with you). All cleanup supplies are in the kitchen walk in pantry and available to use. There is a cleanup checklist upstairs attached to the loft refrigerator.

Is the building handicap accessible?

The building is handicap accessible as well as the bathroom, deck, and lower area. The loft is unfortunately not, there is no elevator present in the building. Most people just choose to set up additional seating downstairs if needed for specific guest situations.

Are we allowed to use the coffee bar?

The coffee bar is not included in the rental price and is not available for use during your event. If you would like the coffee bar to be on and ready, there will be an additional $200 fee for staffing and cleanup. Drinks will be paid for by individual basis or you may pay for a specific amount to be used and kept track of.

Do you allow outside food and drink?

Yes we allow any food and drink to be brought in! So feel free to bring in whatever you would like, including desserts. If you would like to book Sprinkled Confections for your desserts, we take care of plating them and bringing them up to the loft area. One less thing to worry about on the day of!

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